Maslow’s pipe dream

Friday’s incredible tough day at work, made me reflect on the need for all of us to revisit Maslow theory of self-actualisation. When most of the children I have the pleasure to work with don’t even manage to have their basic needs met, how can we expect them to become adults who reach self-actualisation?

On Friday, when most people were having their well earned after work pint, a colleague and I were dealing with 2 young people who didn’t even make it onto the physiological level of Maslow’s hierarchy, never mind the Safety level (see the diagram).

My work usually involves working with colleagues and young people at the Safety level of the theory. If Maslow’s theory is correct, which most people believe it to be, why do most organisations fail to provide for their staff, clients, patients, customers and students at this level? Whilst demanding that they operate at least at the Esteem level.

Safeguarding is generally not that highly regarded a profession, an after thought in most organisations, or at best a necessary annoyance. Just remember though that, if those in your organisation that do the Safeguarding, are to be successful they need to operate right at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy; in self-actualisation. Look after them and they will look after you and your children…



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